these are the pictures i took from the tree...you can sort of see project 2 in some of them:

Artist's Statement

this project as i said before was based on andy goldsworthy's work. in art class, we watched a documentary about him called rivers and tides. it talked about his art, his process and connection to the earth. his work is more based on the process (putting together the sculpture) than the final product. he then takes pictures of them because sometimes his pieces don't last long. he is often inspired by his surroundings. 

at first i didn't have any ideas but later on i too was sort of inspired by my surroundings. that picture of the birch trunk leaning against another tree was what gave me the idea to make a "fairy house" out of it. for that i used some of the flowers from the woods behind our school. i used birch bark and another tree's bark which was starting to decompose. i used ferns (not sure what kind) from the woods as well.  the different leaves were from plants near the birch log.

the second project was near the pond near the elementary school. was drawn to the fluffy cattails and there were sensitive ferns in the brush by the pond. i thought they would go well together. the only slightly interesting thing that occurred was i climbed a tree. it was unavoidable. i got some interesting pictures from up there as well! 

lastly, there are the animals and other things i took pictures of. i liked those flowers and i originally planned to use more of them but i felt too guilty to pick them!

thanks for reading!


here's a couple pictures i took of the stuff around where i was working. not actually the project but still pretty cool

that last picture is of a winter berry. yes, i did eat that and no, it's not poisonous 

Part 2: Swamp Spiral

i'm sorry! i'm not that creative! maybe someday...

that's cattail and sensitive fern i believe
of course furnishings are always important (thanks a million to all plants sacrificed for this project!)

and the walls... (amazing acoustics i'm sure)


Forest Theatre

here is my first project which was inspired by fairy houses i made when i was little. this is how i started: